Rights and resources for women and children experiencing domestic violence

Several provisions of the Civil Code of Québec need to be taken into consideration when dealing with domestic violence: the rights and protections in the event of separation, child custody, resiliation of a lease, etc. The team at La Maison du Réconfort can give you the information, tools and referrals you need to help you see clearly and exercise your rights.

For an overview of the elements that need to be taken into consideration, consult the Institut national de santé publique microsite:
Trousse média sur la violence conjugale, section Code civil

Quick access to pertinent sections of the Ministère de la Justice website

Rights and protections in the event of separation:

Marriage or civil union
De facto union

Child custody: Main principles used to determine child custody

Lease resiliation: Terminating a lease in the event of spousal violence or sexual aggression

Children’s rights: Youth Protection Act

Family mediation: We don’t provide information about family mediation because it is generally inappropriate in a context of domestic violence.