Mission, team and Board of Directors

La Maison du Réconfort offers free, safe, confidential and professional support and shelter to women, with or without children, who are dealing with domestic violence. These services are available around the clock, 7 days a week.

We offer a help and support hotline, shelter and outside consultation services in addition to doing our utmost to promote and defend the rights of women and children.

Building on a feminist approach, we advocate for equal rights, solidarity and respect.

Our mission:

Denounce and counter violence against women and children.

The team at La Maison du Réconfort

Composed of 22 professional and dedicated employees, the team at La Maison du Réconfort includes the general manager, an administrative assistant, eight (8) case workers for women, two (2) youth workers, two (2) night managers, eight (8) on-call workers and a custodian. For security reasons, the names of these valuable resources are kept confidential.

Every week, the team meets to discuss the situations of the women and children staying at the shelter, their needs and the journeys they’ve undertaken.

In addition, the workers employed by La Maison du Réconfort regularly take part in training sessions, symposiums, seminars and other activities that further their professional development. By acquiring new knowledge and competencies, they can constantly improve the way they address the needs of women during their intervention.

Board of directors

Composed of seven administrators, the La Maison du Réconfort board of directors plays an active role within the organisation. Of these seven, two are women who have used La Maison du Réconfort services in the past, four represent corporate and supportive partners and one sits on behalf of the shelter employees.

Our history

La Maison du Réconfort opened its doors and welcomed its first residents in 1979. The following year, the shelter moved to be able to better address the needs of women and children dealing with domestic violence.