Safety plan for dealing with domestic violence

Before an episode of domestic violence

If you believe that your partner or your former partner might become violent, you can prepare yourself in advance by doing a number of things. We recommend you prepare a suitcase/backpack/bag that you can grab easily; you should also deal with certain details that will make it easier for you to leave quickly.

To find out what to prepare for a quick departure, download the following PDF file.


During an episode of domestic violence

During a violent incident, you need to think and react quickly to ensure your safety and the safety of your children. There are some things you can do ahead of time that can improve your safety in the event of a violent incident.

To find out what we suggest, download the following PDF file.


After separation

If you fear other episodes of domestic violence after your separation, make sure you also have access to the following documents:

  • Documents concerning your divorce or custody of your children; and
  • The restraining order, peace bond or any other court order.

Source: Scénarios de protection, Government of Québec.