Serving women and children

La Maison du Réconfort offers free, safe, confidential and professional support and shelter to women, with or without children, dealing with domestic violence. These services are available around the clock, 7 days a week.

If you think you’re experiencing domestic violence or you know a colleague, friend, neighbour or someone else who is in a situation involving domestic violence.

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Our services, an overview

At the shelter

Our helpline, reception and housing services are available around the clock 7 days a week. Other services we offer – in a variety of languages – include individual and group interventions as well as socio-legal coaching.

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Outside consultation

We provide specialised outside consultation services as well as socio-legal coaching to women and children experiencing domestic violence – regardless of whether they have stayed at La Maison du Réconfort.

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Within the community

Our activities include domestic violence-related prevention, awareness-building and education efforts within the community. We also organise workshops to help women overcome the feelings and effects of victimisation and to continue to regain personal empowerment.

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The various types of domestic violence

Psychological violence

It consists of humiliating others, denigrating, disparaging and controlling his partner, forcing her to accept his points of view, tastes, values and desires so as to destroy her self-confidence.

Physical violence

This refers to any physical contact used to intentionally dominate, assault or frighten others. Examples include punching and kicking, arm grabbing, burning, shoving, hair pulling, spitting in his partner’s face. This violence may also be directed against objects.

Sexual violence

This includes any act of a sexual nature without the consent of others. Examples include forced sexual intercourse, rape, acting as if his partner is his property, forcing her to assume degrading positions, forcing her to watch pornographic material, abstaining from sexual contact to punish or control others, etc.

Economic violence

This consists of controlling the financial means and choices of others. Examples include not allowing his partner to have her own bank account, making sure she never has any spending money, depriving her of any source of income, cashing her personal cheques without her permission, requiring her to take on debt for her partner, controlling the household budget, etc.

Verbal violence

Verbal violence includes shouts, screams, insults and threats uttered to intimidate others.

Breaking the cycle of violence is a long process. Regardless of where you are on your path, we are here for you.

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